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self defense for women and men

Self-Defense Skills

Learn all the basics of self defense right here. 20+ years of experience and having trained with some of the best in the world you are in good hands. Your journey begins here.

Martial arts fitness

Martial Arts Fitness

Why not get in shape and learn a pretty awesome skill at the same time? Practice techniques that will make you feel stronger, look better and make you more agile.

self awareness

Self Awareness

A primary side benefits to training in martial arts is more harmony with yourself and the world around you. The Martial Arts Basics site will make sure you have the same opportunity...

Lao Tzu


He who controls others may be powerful, but he who has mastered himself is mightier still...

Lao Tzu Ancient Philosopher

What Sets Us Apart

In the early days of my training, I went to many schools and watched and studied the instructors. What I saw was disappointing. Most instructors were confused between shame based discipline and positive affirmation. In the Martial Arts Basics program you'll never have to worry about the tough guy macho stuff that I continue to hear about even 30 years later. Here is just some of what you can expect:

  • Learning videos that are brief, clear, and to the point
  • Progressive learning from basics to advanced techniques
  • Focus on practical, effective and realistic techniques from the start so you build a good foundation to grow your skills
  • Insider access to specialized experts in the field that go beyond what I can show you
  • Access to technical fighting principles so you understand principles of deception, attacking targets, and strategy
  • Flow drills that teach you "muscle memory" so you don't have to "think about" how to respond to surprise attacks
  • 24/7 training 
  • Honoring the perspectives of all martial arts
  • Affirming encouragement
  • No political agendas

Our Latest Project

Behind the scene I've been filming and writing about all the information I learned over the past 30 years. Join us during our launch of this new program and save...

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At Martial Arts Basics you will learn the best of the martial arts.

Self-defense. Martial arts fitness. Peace of mind... all through your training.

train to gain

Train To Get Fit And Toned...

Put Your Heart Into YOU

There is great freedom in commitment. Training is about you and physical prowess. It's personal. It's all about you.

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