How To Select The Right Self Defense Program?

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Martial arts fitness

Self-Defense Skills

Learn all the basics of self defense right here. 20+ years of experience and having trained with some of the best in the world you are in good hands. Your journey begins here.

Martial arts fitness

Martial Arts Fitness

Why not get in shape and learn a pretty awesome skill at the same time? Practicing martial arts keeps you younger. You’ll also feel stronger, look better and feel happier.

Martial arts fitness

Self Awareness

A primary benefit to training in martial arts is more harmony with yourself and the world around you. The Martial Arts Basics site will make sure you have the same opportunity…

What Sets Us Apart

In the early days of my training, I went to many schools and watched and studied the instructors. What I saw was often disappointing. Most instructors were confused between shame based discipline and positive affirmation. In the Martial Arts Basics program, you’ll never have to worry about the tough guy macho stuff that I continue to hear about even 30 years later. Here is just some of what you can expect:


The foundation of all our programs is video based learning. Every program is then supplemented with email based instruction and live webinars. Not everyone has the same learning style. You’ll get all three.


It is said that the top five people you surround yourself with determines your success. With us at your side, you have an immediate source for inspiration and renewed sense of determination. Your mindset will be superior.


By immersing yourself in our program, your self-esteem will increase. Ed has been dedicated student of  yogic traditions and brain science for over 35 years. You will get the best of what he knows.

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