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Start out making the best decision possible so you get off to a good start. These implementation plans will guide you to consider questions and insights that prospective martial arts might not consider to ask. They will save you wasted time and hard earned cash.

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The Premiere guide To Selecting The right Martial Arts School


The definitive guide to selecting the right program. The reason we created this guide was because the number of students who said the first time they tried martial arts it was a disaster. We heard comments like: I got beat up sparring and the instructor stood right there and smiled or he humiliated me right in front of everyone and on and on. This checklist will prevent that from happening if you listen to what we will share with you. You’ll be glad you had this insider knowledge.


23 Mindsets For Martial Arts Training Success

23 mindsets to be successful in your program

I watched hundred of students come and go over a 15 year period when I was teaching martial arts full time. I was a direct witness and had hundreds of conversations with students that were successful and those that were not. 

Now you can learn from that insider knowledge. What is going on in the minds of students who had busy work schedules but consistently trained and showed up to practice? How do top performers overcome the gravity of fatigue and boredom? 

After you know what is in this very special eBook you can then decide how you want to think during those moments and have this handy guide to remind you what you are training fro in the first place. We all need a little pep talk now and then, right? Add this guide to your collection and read it right away to get off to a good start.