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Everything you need to know. Put yourself ahead of everyone else if you later decide to join a local school...

30-Year Veteran Reveals A Simple And Inexpensive Way To Learn Martial Arts In The Privacy Of Your Own Home.

The Beginning Of Something Great

When I was 25, I walked into my first martial arts school. To say it changed my life would be an understatement. At that time in my life, I was struggling emotionally and looking back, very insecure. I used to bite my fingernails until they bled. I had regular bouts of infections from this nervous habit. 

A year after I began my martial arts training, one day I looked down at my hands and realized I had stopped biting them. I remember smiling that day, knowing something big was happening to me. Martial Arts training was transforming me from the inside out.

I Was Obsessed

During my first 6 months of training, I would go into the Do-Jang and train from 4 pm in the afternoon until Master Lee left around 11 pm. Then I would go home and practice the lessons that day in the moonlight. We had no written handouts or handbooks in those days. I used to play this game in my head of linking each new technique I had learned one-after-another. Each day I practiced, I would work my way through each technique in the list.

In the beginning, I remember feeling uncoordinated and insecure with each new technique. Before class started, I watched the black belts practicing, and I was envious. Yet it motivated and inspired me. I noticed their demeanor and polished techniques and desperately wanted to be like them. I wasn't even sure what they were like as a person or even how to measure their skill level, but I knew they looked impressive.

From Powerful To Confident

The stages of development I went through as my skills developed in martial arts were easy to recognize. First, there was the insecure stage. All I did was practice. It's almost like the lack of coordination between my mind and body magnified the insecurity I'd had my entire life.

Then there was the “powerful” stage where I felt strong and invincible. During this stage, I felt "special." It was all an illusion my ego was feasting on, but it was there none-the-less. 

In time, I reached a point where it became easier and easier to access confidence. This was new to me. The best way I can describe it was my confidence was solid and steady. I was more humble, confident and respectful of others and life itself. I was facing my inner demons much easier and taking a deeper level of responsibility for my life.

Having confidence changed my life. I was less of a victim in the world. I took healthier responsibility for my choices or for how I reacted to negative outcomes. I was more disciplined and focused. I got far better results with anything I wanted to try. My ADHD declined, and I enjoyed my life more. 

It took me 3 years to accomplish my first Black Belt from Master Yong Ju Lee in Huntsville, AL. Right around the time I took the test, I moved to Portland OR where I joined up with another Korean Master and ran one of his satellite schools in Lake Oswego, a suburb of Portland. We had a falling out a year later.

Then I met Sifu Al Dacascos (Now Grandmaster Al Dacascos). I worked side-by-side with him for seven years even after I opened my school in 1993. That year, (1993) my school exploded in popularity. Nine months into the grand opening we had a waiting list. At its peak I had over 130 student, half of those children. The focus of Oregon Martial Arts College was personal development. I could care less about tournaments and the ego side many schools are steeped in.

I ran the school for five years. During that time, I tested for my black belt with Sifu Al and my second degree, Tang Soo Do Black Belt, with Kwajanim Gary Hanson back in my hometown, Grayling Mi. 

I trained a lot during those days. Right around 15 years of intense daily training. I estimated in my first 9 years of martial arts training; I practiced 6 days a week, 4 hours a day, on average. I taught hundreds of students and steeped myself in the experience of running a school and creating powerful experiences for my students and parents. 

In 1997, I sold the school. I ventured out on an alternative path. But I continued to train as martial arts was now in my blood. I could never imagine stopping after making it such a ritual in my life.

Benefits To Martial Arts Training

The side benefits are many. I highly recommend the martial way to anyone wanting:

  • More Discipline

  • More Confidence

  • To Get Back In Shape

  • To Defend Yourself

  • More Coordination

  • More Mind And Body Connection

  • A Healthier Body

The discipline and focus I learned back then has stayed with me all these years.

Can’t imagine my life without those traits. In 2016, I had an impulse to share my knowledge and skills with others. I wanted something to appeal to a person who does not care about belts levels or being in a classroom setting. I wanted to appeal to people more like myself who simply want more confidence, a good workout, and to learn the benefits of self-defense training. I wanted a program that eliminated any kind of politics that typically exists in school programs.

One of my goals was to make the program financially accessible to everyone. There had to be as little friction as possible between the learner and the lesson. That’s when I birthed the Martial Arts Basics program. In 2016, I had a very close brother who passed away back in Michigan. I headed home for a few months to hang out with other family members.

During this time I started filming the Martial Arts Basics program at my brother’s gym. There are over 200 techniques, from yellow belt level to black belt level. Below, you can read about all the details.

You can test this program out for free for 14 days, then pay a low fee each month to gain access to the techniques. Please read the details below. I believe you will find the MAB program to be comprehensive. It reflects some of what I had to learn for my black belt in Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu. And I promise, it's more than you'll ever need to know. But have fun learning all the techniques.

Many of the techniques you will find in all martial art styles. Walk into any school and you will probably know more than they will because most schools don't map out their programs like I've done here. 

Very few self-defense programs are as comprehensive and include a very street smart practical ways of teaching like what you will find in the MAB program.

You are also getting the basics of KAJUKENBO which is the original mixed martial art. It's a "street savvy" style that's been around since the 1940's. 

You can log into this online program any time you want. Each lesson is video based. If you decide to stop, let me know and I’ll cancel your membership. (By the time you read this, there may even be a portal you can access any time to cancel on your own.)

The program is as flexible as it needs to be.

Thank you for your consideration and continue reading below to see if the Martial Arts Basics Program could be a good fit for you.

The Martial Arts Basics Course In Summary

Each Belt Level Includes

Technical Fighting Principles

At the basic root of your training you'll want to cut through the chase of learning the technical aspects of fighting. One option is to learn through trial and error the second option is to have someone show you so you can apply the principles from day one of your training. Each belt level has its own set up fighting principles so you will learn more as your experience grows.


Stances are used to teach you how to root properly to the earth. If you do not know how to sink your energy using different stances then your technique will be hollow and not be as powerful. When you properly root to the earth, even a light weight person can have a very powerful strike or attack.


Blocks are considered a defensive technique. Many in the street fighting world would argue they are useless to know. To a certain degree I agree with them. However, they offer a person learning the basics of self defense a good foundation to build mind and body coordination. As you advance you’ll consciously decide if a block or strike is more appropriate in the moment of need. There are many types of block you will learn at each belt level.


Strikes are fundamental to martial arts. From how to make a proper fist to open and closed hand techniques the Martial Arts Basic System will cover all the bases. Each belt level has different type of strike. You’ll learn open hand strikes, spear strikes, ridgehand strikes, closed hand strikes and even block-strikes


Another fundamental to martial arts is learning to kick properly and types of kicks to accommodate different situations. In the Martial Arts Basics Program you will learn over 50 types of kicks. At some point in your training you will adopt the ones that feel natural and work the best for your style. Be assured though you will get a lot of exposure to nearly all kicks ever used in the martial arts so you have a solid arsenal to pull from. 

Punch Combinations

Punch combinations teach you how to take your various types of strikes and combine them into a flowing response to an attack. The goal of the punch combination exercise is to get you acclimated to combining multiple techniques with ease and flow. The goal is to have you respond without thinking. Punch combinations and flow drills are two ways you’ll learn to let go of thinking and allow your body to simply respond to a situation.

Kick Combinations

Like Punch combinations, kick combinations teach you how to take your various types of kicks and combine them into a flowing response to an attack. The goal of the kick combination exercise is to get you acclimated to combining multiple kicking techniques with ease and flow. The goal is to have you respond without thinking. kick combinations and flow drills are two ways you’ll learn to let go of thinking and allow your body to simply respond to a situation.

Punch Counters

When someone strikes you there is no time to think what to do. You need a way to train yourself to allow a counterattack that simply flows out of you. Punch counters will do just that. With a lot of practice you’ll respond to an strike without even thinking about it. You’ll naturally flow into one of your counters that feels best to you. That is why you will learn a different technique per belt level. The goal is to give you enough variety so you can find what works best for your body type.

Kick Counters

Like punch counters, when someone kick you there is no time to think what to do. You need a way to train yourself to move into a counterattack that simply flows out of you. Practicing kick counters will do just that. With a lot of practice you’ll respond to an opponents kick without even thinking about it. You’ll naturally flow into one of your counters that feels best to you. That is why you will learn a different technique per belt level. The goal is to give you enough variety so you can find what works best for your body type.

Chin Na

The science behind chin na is similar to ju jitsu. In the Martial Arts Basics program you’ll learn how to manipulate joints and leverage weak spot in the opponents body. Chin na practices have been around for thousands of years and in this program you will learn 10 basic techniques to give you an excellent foundation of joint manipulation. If at some point you want to expand your knowledge you can easily participate in a ju jitsu or aikido class and fit right in with your basic knowledge.

Drop & Recovers

Drop & Recovers are movement techniques designed to use broken rhythm in your favor. In the right situation, you may find dropping or falling to the ground then using one of your drop and recover techniques, create an opportunity for you to turn the tables on the attacker. Most fights end up on the ground. Drop and recovers can go a long ways in preparing you to respond with skill and precision when you most need it.

Grab Counters

You’ll learn 10 different grab counters as you progress to black belt rank. They are designed to instruct you on the basics of how to handle someone grabbing you to minimize their impact. Along with Chin Na techniques, you’ll learn you’ll be very skilled at handling any grab situation

Offensive Setups

Offensive setup are designed to trap a person into thinking a certain way. Once you believe they have taken the bait, you switch up the technique that creates a gap for you to exploit. Offensive setups are good to train your mind ot be creative in your fighting style. They also help you to integrate some of the fighting principles and they also train you to be flexible in what you combine in your arsenal of techniques to adapt to any situation that may emerge in the real world. You'll learn a new Offensive setup for each belt level.

Defensive Setups

Imagine someone chasing you all the while anticipating your next move. In this situation you can turn things around to your advantage because they have to anticipate what you are going to do next to follow you. That’s the perfect time to use a setup. Setup’s create the illusion you are on the run but then quickly turn the tables by trapping the person mentally into overcommitting and setting themselves up for a reversal of attack. Setups create a gap in a persons thought process that creates a vulnerability you can then take advantage of. You will learn a defensive setup at each belt level.

Walk Exercises

Walk exercise are ancient. They are practices designed to get your body acclimated to moving in a certain direction while kicking or striking or both. There is a walk exercise for each belt level.

Footwork Drills

Foot work is essential for many reasons. It helps you to build mind and body coordination. It helps you to be automatic when you need to move. The footwork drills, combined with the techniques you'll be learning, will raise the bar on your skills. A person who stands there and takes the hit will be less effective than the person who responds and counter attacks or sets up the opponent on the offensive when needed.

Flow Drills

At the heart of saving your life is not freezing when you are confronted or attacked. The body will naturally go into this state if you don't practice conscious movement. Flow drills are one of the holy grails that makes the Martial Arts Basic Program so rich. Flow drill will help you to bring all of your training together so it flows out of you rather than being a fear based strategy that is always too late.

Here's Everything That You Get

(Plus Extra Bonuses)

You'll Gain Access To

  • Instant Access To In-depth Training On Self Defense 

    [$997 Value]

  • What you will get are the basic techniques used in self defense courses around the world. There is an emphasis on street smart practical techniques to build a strong foundation.

    Belt levels are structured so you can progress through each belt with complexity that matches your level. 

    Each belt level has one to several techniques in the following categories:

  • Stances

  • Blocks

  • Strikes

  • Kicks

  • Hand Combinations

  • Kick Combinations

  • Punch Counters

  • Kick Counters

  • Chin Na Grappling Moves & Counters

  • Drop & Recovers

  • Grab Counters

  • Offensive Setups

  • Defensive Setups

  • Walk Exercises

  • BONUS: Technical Fighting Principles

    [$97 Value]

  • Fighting principles teach you the technical and mental aspects of fighting. Without them you will have to learn through trial and error. These fighting principles come from Grandmaster Al Dacascos and legendary Grandmaster Joe Lewis.

  • BONUS: Stick Fighting Modern Arnis [$97 Value]

  • Fundamental practices so you can attend any later seminar and not be in the dark. Chances are pretty good, you'll be ahead of everyone else attending.

  • BONUS: Footwork Drills [$97 Value]

  • Being light on your feet gives you an added advantage as a fighter. These drills come out of my training in Kung Fu, Tang Soo Do and Tae Kwon Do. I've given you the best I learned and it will build a strong foundation for you to grow upon.

  • BONUS: Chi Kung Exercises [$97 Value]

  • Over the years, I done a lot of workshops on the internal martial arts. In the Martial Arts Basics system, I filmed some of the basic Chi Kung exercises so you develop your inner chi. When I started learning how to work my internal chi, my techniques were much stronger and impactful. If you are ungrounded with your technique, anyone who fights you that does will have a major advantage. Also, chi kung exercises will keep you youthful and healthier which is the reason I still to my exercises today.

    Over 200 techniques in the complete black belt program, all laid out in simple to use video format. Each level comes with a nicely formatted worksheet so you can track your daily-monthly progress to self motivate yourself. It's never been easier or more thorough with 0 politics or ego involved.

Total Value: $1385

Monthly Price: $9.95

One Year Access: $75

Get Access Today: $0

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