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For People Wanting To Learn Self Defense In a Hash World

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About Ed

Ed has trained for over 35 years in martial arts. He started his self defense-martial arts background under Master Yong Ju Lee in Huntsville Al where he received his first Black Belt in Tang Soo Do. After moving to Portland Or Ed then Trained and taught with a Korean Master in Sul Sa Do and Tae Kwon Do for 1 year until they had a falling out.

After this he began training under now Grand Master Al Dacascos, the found of Wun Hop Kuen Do. Ed trained as an assistant for over 9 years with Grand Master Al. In 1993 Ed Opened his own school in Tigard OR, called Oregon Martial Arts College.

This school had a waiting list within 9 months and continued to for the next 5 years until Ed sold the school. Ed continues to train and offer private lessons.

As a side note, Ed has an aversion to politics so dislikes clubs and the complications that come with forming them. He believes that each person should strive to maintain their own personal power and focus on expressing their God given talents to make the world a loving place to be.

Ed Ferrigan will help you overcome any mindset issue.

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