Self Defense Skill Development

When you train in the Martial Arts Basics system you are training for more than just punching and kicking techniques. Much more…

Basic Technique

The first thing you want to learn are the basic self-defense techniques. In the comprehensive Martial Arts Basics System, you will learn:

  1. Warm up routines
  2. Stretching routines
  3. Technical Fighting Principles
  4. Strikes
  5. Blocks
  6. Kicks
  7. Chin Na grappling 
  8. Hand combinations
  9. Kick combinations
  10. Punch counters
  11. Kick counters
  12. Drop & Recovers
  13. Offensive setups
  14. Defensive setups
  15. Footwork drills
  16. Stick fighting
  17. And much more
Through repetition and progression of the belt levels you will become a very skilled fighter. You will gain confidence and ideally see the world through the lens of a skilled fighter rather than an insecure person who lashes out from fear.
One of the major benefits to training in the martial arts, if you train with the right mindset, is you will dissolve insecurities. We all have them. It’s really a matter of to what degree.
Regular weekly practice will first of all be a great tool for “discharging” pent up energy stuck in your nervous system. The bi-product of this phenomenon is more awareness, more presence, and better result in life.
Over time, and with enough practice, you find yourself refining your craft more and more.
Ideally, after six months to a year you will have a regular meditation practice.
A huge side benefit of a meditation practice is you learn to “disconnect” from your ego and self identification.
Self identification with our past experiences is at the root of all our life problems. It IS the cause of suffering.
You are much bigger than your accumulated experiences. Through, self awareness, your weekly martial arts practice and daily reflections, you will begin to see the people you spar with in slow motion. Yes I said slow motion.
Now, this doesn’t just come because you practice every day or a few times a week. It’s a combination of lifestyle, practice, and how much emotional baggage you’ve identified with in your physical body.
In the Martial Arts Basics program, I will show you a very simple way to accomplish this.
More on this later…
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