Self Defense

Leveraging Joint Locks For Improved Effectiveness

Mar 17, 2021

Using joint locks can minimize the challenge of defending yourself against a much larger attacker. If you know how to leverage this you will have an advantage. In nearly all martial art systems there are techniques that work with the joints.

Think of a person’s joints as a portal into the person’s weakness.

By knowing how to attach the join correctly and efficiently you are giving yourself a far greater chance of survival. In the kung fu system I studied (Wun Hop Kuen Do) the joint lock techniques are called Chin Na.

The video below is a perfect illustration of how you can leverage a person’s size and weight against them.

When you practice this with another person focus your attention on the timing of getting them to release the grip they have on you as they grab or after they have grabbed you and how accurately you grab their hand to maintain control once you get the release.

Not losing the hand once you get them to let go is critical to make the technique work.

The other thing to consider is to think of the overall technique itself and how you might apply the principle in other situations. Play around with this so your mind is open and flexible to various options that are not identical to what you may have practiced yet still could apply to the current situation.

Be sure to practice the technique before you comment or ask your questions below. And let me know if there are other challenges in self defense you are concerned about for future post.

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