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Train for Self Defense, Fitness or Awareness

Train for self defense, fitness or awareness and you'll have the martial arts trifecta.

They say your eyes are the gateway to the soul. It that’s true but martial arts is the gateway to self discovery.

Welcome to Martial Arts Basics where people have a good experience learning martial arts.

ed ferrigan martial arts instructor

My name is Ed Ferrigan and I’m the founder of Martial Arts Basics.

Martial Arts Basics is the result of a dream I’ve envisioned for over 20 years. Having an on-line place where I could record all of my knowledge of martial arts and spread it to those who are interested in learning the art and have a good experience doing it.

Advantages To Online Training

While online learning may not always be optimal. There can be advantages outside of the being able to train when-ever and where-ever.

The biggest challenge may be staying motivated to continue your training. Well here is a great way to frame it. What if you disciplined yourself to reach your goals through self motivation? Imagine what that would teach you…

I think you’d have an advantage through that lesson and intrinsically know what it truly takes to accomplish your training goals through an online program like this. Apply that lesson to your regular life and there is no limit to what you can accomplish.

The other advantage is there is not much waiting around for what may otherwise take months or years to learn excellent techniques. Traditionally you would wait months or even years to learn the masters techniques. Not here.

The online method is an excellent model for distributing content quickly and easily. You will reap the benefit of this.

Some may frown on me for breaking tradition but I see it as an opportunity for the committed ones to thrive and learn as much as they can at their pace. That’s the way I was the first 15 years of my training. I was hungry to learn everything I could and I trained every day to absorb it and gain mastery.

You can also reap the benefit of others input and conversations should you elect to participate in online discussions (not active yet but will be).

Self-Defense, Fitness, Awareness

Whether you are here for just self defense, fitness or self awareness you are in the right place. The focus of this website and the paid for training modules, will give you all three of these facets of learning. You are in for a treat.

We are a new program yet we have well over a hundred technique lessons in the membership courses that will keep you busy for a long time.

You can also expect to see are ongoing additions that include training techniques so you understand the anatomy of a kick or punch, footwork patterns that will make you fast on your feet and more coordinated, conditioning drills for strength, agility, and muscle toning.

You will learn the mechanics of fighting or what I call technical fighting principles that rarely do schools detail out like I have.

These are the gems that will make you a very smart fighter for the street or competition should you want to explore that.

"Gems that will make you a very smart fighter for street or competition..."

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You will learn different bag drills, footwork patterns, stretches and introductions to some of the more esoteric arts like chi kung and filipino stick fighting or modern Arnis. You’re gonna love it.

It is a mecca for learning.

And I’m not fixated on any one style being better than the other so be watching for interviews and techniques I will have with other style instructors. I want to introduce you to as much as I can so you can adopt what interest you and works best for you and maximizes your own potential. Sound good?

Hope so because it’s happening as we speak… For now check out the blog and these topics of interest: Self-defense, martial arts fitness, and self-awareness. These will guide you quickly towards your area of interest. Be sure to sign up for notices about new stuff that is getting posted weekly as we start our first year push for as much content as we can. Be sure to follow us on twitter and FaceBook by clicking the links on this page. I thinks that’s it… Go here for more details: