There Is ONE THING That Can Stop You From Being A Statistic Like The Victims In The Recent Massacres... This ONE THING Will Save Your Life!

Keep Reading To Learn About The ONE THING You Need To Know That Will Save Your Life And Is Right Under Your Nose...

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  • Ready to let go of that niggly thought in the back of your mind about whether or not you are safe
  • Ready to feel safe knowing that your life will not get turned upside down one night while walking to your car or simply sleeping or doing your job at work
  • You want to know exactly what to do if some perverted sociopath holds a knife to your throat and threatens to rape or rob you or your family
  • You want a fast way to build self confidence from the inside out so you can see clearly how and when to defend against a ruthless predator

What you’re watching here are real acts of violence caught on tape. Horrifying, disregarding and shocking. There is a new breed of perpetrators out there that don’t give a dam about anyone or anything, and will rob, rape, and murder to get what they want without thinking twice.

I’m Ed Ferrigan and in this report I’m going to reveal a proven way to not get caught in your worst nightmare. And it’s not by using a gun, a secret weapon, or some kind of special technique. It's simple and doesn't require "super power" abilities. Keep reading you'll see what I mean...

And after all the recent shootings and privacy concerns about people in the US, what you will find in this report may need to be taken down before long so be sure to read it to the end. It may be the one thing you can rely on as our world becomes more and more violent.

Now, what I might say next may shock you but you need to hear it. It’s not enough any more to to just survive a violent attack. You must be aware of how to prepare, avoid, and even eliminate or win against even the worse situation. You need training that teaches you whatever it takes to survive.

You might think owning a gun is enough? Think twice…the famous Tueller drill demonstrates it’s not enough to own a gun. If a perp is within 21 feet of you, a gun may not do you any good.

The same goes for sprays and special gadgets you are told to buy to gain an advantage.

The fact is most violent situations are over in a few seconds. You must be able to think and use your body as a weapon immediately and without hesitation.

In the past few years, there have been more threats and attacks on your well being than ever before in our history…

Your safety has been compromised to trauma inducing levels. You truly are no longer safe wherever you travel, shop, or work.​

It's No Longer An Option To Think Someone Can Protect You From These Sociopathic Freaks! 

2015! There are HUNDREDS More Going Back To The Early 90's...
San Bernardino  Event
Colorado Springs Traumatic Event
Roseburg, Ore Traumatic Event
Chattanooga, TN
Charleston TN Devastation 2015
6 dead at Isla Vista, CA

I Began Studying What's Been Happening Here...'s clear these crimes were perpetrated without ANY sense of conscience or remorse! 

FBI Comments on San Bernardino

...and it's getting worse, more unpredictable...and less safe for the average guy.

experts comment 1
no one is safe

What's more disturbing is after hundreds of recorded events like the more recent ones... experts are clueless how to stop it!

targeted violence research
School Violence Research

...but here is the clincher.

Expert Quote #3

Really?...and that doesn't even include the 350 mass murders in the USA that have happened in 2015 alone!

This doesn’t look promising and leaves us all vulnerable to the emotionless, conscience-less, low life perps that are intent on making anyone they feel like – be their next victim.

You can no longer sit around, waiting, and hoping it will never happen to you. Everyone is susceptible to an attack no one is safe. Everyone must prepare to win against the most vicious predator imaginable or they remain at high risk ready to be the next target.

The longest standing proven solution is personal self defense. In other words, the most reliable source of self defense is to learn to use your own body as a weapon.

And not all program are prepared to give you the mental toughness and practical skills needed to handle today’s violence. Many are geared towards personal development, body conditioning and many towards traditional skills that have been passed down for hundreds of years and may not be appropriate for today's circumstances. Not necessarily street smart skills.

And it doesn't have to take years or a black belt to learn...​

Having taught martial arts for over 15 years, (overall 30 years of my personal training) what I found is many methods have merit. On the one hand when you feel confident and assured there is a tendency not to “attract” violence towards you.

But today I think the risk is too high to only depend on this​...

On the other hand when the chips are stacked against you with a drug addict who will kill you for $5, you also need to be prepared for anything extreme.

Right about now you may be thinking “that’s why we have the police” and the truth is they are going to tell you that you are on your own for 10-20 minutes. Most violent rages are over in minutes so you cannot rely on that solution.

Look at Milwaukee, Wisconsin County Sheriff Dave Clark who recently ran advertisements warning residents, “Calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option.”

He then continues, “Safety is no longer a spectator sport. I need you in the game.” So it’s time to ask yourself. How will you handle that street smart kid who suddenly sticks a knife to your throat while at your ATM?

What’s your response when you’re standing in a dark parking lot late at night fumbling for your car keys and then suddenly a cold steel of a gun barrel gets buried into your skull?

When it happens you only have a few seconds to respond or die. One wrong move and you may never see your loved ones again.

You need a personal protection system that is effective and can be learned quickly. Something that is easy to remember even if you have not practiced in months or years.

The answer… pick a system that is effective, practical, and realistic to today’s standards. You need a balance between something you can use immediately and something that will efficiently provide the muscle memory so you don’t need to practice for years to be effective.

Over the past 30 years I’ve had the opportunity to earn three different black belts and train with many hard core fighters. Not just tournament fighters, but street smart fighters who taught police and military personnel across the US and abroad.

I took what they taught me and assembled the best principles and techniques into a system that is easy to follow, highly realistic, practical, and effective. These are not some fancy moves that are complicated. They are simple and straight to the point. Anyone can learn them no matter how much you weigh or how out of shape you are.

Now, most programs that are worth anything will run you over $100 month. But because of the increase in violence in even the most decent neighborhoods I wanted to create a program that anyone could afford and would be accessible 24/7 anywhere in the world there is internet. I call it Martial Arts Basics.

Yet it's far from basics. It’s all the best tools I learned earning 3 different black belts and then some (I've participated in dozens of clinics and studied other methods for years). It accommodates people of all interest.

Maybe you want brutal self defense skills that are easy to remember, or strength and conditioning drills so you can get into shape while learning practical self defense, or the mental and philosophical insights that come with consciousness practices. I’ve made all this possible.

It’s the most well rounded program available anywhere today. And it strikes a great balance between what is essential to save your life in the street and having fun with a great self defense workout.

...I can highly recommend him.

"Ed also is an excellent teacher. I've seen this first-hand, from his years as the owner of a successful martial arts school, as well as having attended workshops Ed has conducted. Ed has the academic training and professional experience to help transform a wide range of organizations, and help them work closer to their full potential. I can highly recommend him."

Kevin Renner, Marketing Expert

What You Get

martial arts basics sample display
  • Training that makes you the ultimate weapon for 3-5 seconds
  • Training that ensures muscle memory so you don't lose the knowledge
  • Flow drills that teach you "openings" so you turn the table in the crucial 3-5 second window
  • Fighting principles, so you know the underlying mechanics of why some people are successful and some not (You be the predator not the prey, when it matters most)
  • Become the ultimate weapon with peace of mind and confidence that spreads in all aspects of your life

I start with the principles you must understand to be able to think on your feet any time and any place. You need to be the ultimate weapon for 3-5 seconds to assure your survival.

Brain science today confirms to the practicality of slow motion repetition so you engrain muscle memory more quickly. I call it the rapid learning method. The Martial Arts Basics program implements this and other leading edge strategies to guarantee your success.

Each Module Contains:

  • Flow Drills
  • Blocks
  • Stances
  • Punches
  • Kicks
  • Hand Combinations
  • Kick Combinations
  • Punch Counters
  • Kick Counters
  • Chin Na (Joint Locks)
  • Drop And Recovers
  • Grab Counters
  • Offensive Set Ups
  • Defensive Setups
  • Walk Exercises
  • Technical Fighting Principles

In the first module, along with basics of punching, kicking, and grappling, you will get flow drills that teach you how to train your brain to see the subtle openings that others will never understand because they were never taught how to slow things down to get the muscle memory in place.

In all 10 modules (with over 260 techniques) you get progressive fighting principles, techniques, mental and emotional processes, and the latest advice of how to handle possible situations.

The first module includes over 35 life protecting - confidence inducing techniques and practices that will give you insights into how to hone yourself as a weapon fast so you are ready when it’s needed.

So you don’t get overwhelmed, the techniques are released by module every 30 days. Yes, I know it’s probably way too many things to learn for even a years period of time but I’m making is so inexpensive that having access to them will allow all the freedom to train to your hearts desire all the while getting exposure to the best techniques used in 90% of the martial art programs today. No longer will you have to wait years to gain access to the most devastating yet simple techniques.

Now, if you want to do a more in depth study of the martial arts, the program will accommodate you nicely. If you want more of the mind body connection to help yourself develop more focus and concentration I have you covered.

This is all part of the training, plus I include exercises you can do in each of your workouts to guarantee you stay in shape having fun with your self defense training.

But do not lose sight that you need a system that keeps you safe from criminals who are in a rage or wired on drugs. You must injure them for not only pain but to make it impossible for them to pull a trigger or stab you.

I hope you are seeing that the program is precise yet broad enough to guarantee satisfaction on many levels. Effective and practical self defense, fun and proven ways to stay in shape along with all the side benefits of developing your inner focus and concentration to improve your success in life.

​What's The Investment?

Now you might think a yearly program like this would run hundreds of dollars. After all most live programs can run over $100 a month or over $1000 a year...and yet you will gain only limited access to the most powerful and useful techniques until you’ve paid your dues in those programs. When you “prove” you are worthy you will get the most advanced techniques.

When I first started back in 1985 my teacher would only teach us low block and high block for the first three months…yes it was a grueling experience.

I’m holding nothing back in the Martial Arts Basics Program. You get the best from the start because my goal is to get as many people as possible to feel safe in the world.

You’ll get practical drills to make sure you gain the muscle memory necessary to naturally use your skills when needed. And it doesn’t matter your size, physical limitations, or athletic ability.

What you will get in this program is easily worth a few hundred dollars a year. But I’m not going to charge you any where near that.

I want to launch this program to as many people as I can and make it affordable and enjoyable for people to get back into shape, and feel secure in themselves all the while making it fun to learn.

Today, you can make the investment in your new workout program for just $399 for lifetime ($200 off Retail Price). And you'll get all future updates for FREE.

And to make it a no brainer I’ll give you access to the first 30+ techniques for 30 days and if you are not satisfied just email me back and I will give you an immediate refund and you'll get to keep the training.

30 day money back guarantee

This means there is absolutely no risk. For the price of a few private lessons you will gain access to the most comprehensive program available today for the rest of your life.

You will be the one that walks away safe to your family without a visit to the emergency room. Click below to become a charter member today.

phil chin testimonial

"Ed Was My First Instructor And Still Considered The Best I've Ever Had"

"Ed was my first martial arts instructor and is still considered one of the best instructors I've ever had. He placed a high value on not just lessons for self defense, but teaching principles to help guide a person's journey through life, career, and relationships."

Phil Chin, Seattle WA

Now you can quickly and easily learn practical, yet devastating self defense skills, from the comfort of your living room.

You will not have to train under dozens of “Masters” to gain the benefits reaped from ancient practices passed down for hundreds of years.

It’s like learning to swim. If you know how to swim and you fall into the water, it’s no big deal. You get wet and it’s inconvenient but you get on with your business.

Fall in the water without knowing how to swim, however, and suddenly it’s a terrifying life or death struggle.

The difference between life or death is a few hours of training in a program like the Martial Arts Basics System, it has never been easier or more affordable to get the life-saving training you need.

You will gain all the benefits, learned from some of the greatest masters of our time in the Martial Arts Basic Training System.

You will get the best of the practical street smart fighting techniques as well as tools that will train you for coordination, conditioning, discipline, and laser focus.

Think of how good it will feel to know how to have laser focus when it’s essential. Whether is work, your relationship or some nim whit attacking you –  it's a priceless skill to develop.

When I first started training back in 1985 I used to bite my nails down until they bled. I had regular infections that were so painful.

After my first year of weekly training I looked down one day and realized I was no long biting my nails. A lifetime of bad habit and nervous insecurity gone!

My confidence had sky rocketed and I felt far better of myself as a person.

You can reap the same benefits for a fraction of the cost of other programs that frankly are less comprehensive.

Press the button below to open your membership and practice your first techniques today.

The quicker you begin them the faster you will feel the elation of what happens when you train your mind and body like a weapon.

It’s an extraordinary feeling of freedom.

When I think about the people that come to me who have been violated and the post traumatic stress they experience and the damage it does to friendships and employment it encourages me to offer you this package at $200 off or less than 27 cents a day for a program that will positively impact your life day-after-day for the rest of your life.

My 100% money back guarantee is your safety net. Get instant access to the Martial Arts Basics System by clicking the button on the page.

Act Today And There's More You'll Get...

As a new charter member I want to you feel like you got an amazing program that you are totally thrilled about. I am going to add these bonuses for Fast Acting Members. If you sign up today I'm going to add these 5 Bonuses to the package. Take advantage of these Bonuses before I remove them as an intro special at these ultra low prices.

Bonus #1: Footwork Drills ($34.95)

10 Bonus Footwork Drills That Will Take Your Agility And Muscle Memory To The Next Level

Bonus #2: Chi Kung Practices (VALUE $59.00)

Slowing Down Perpetrator Movement So You Can Access Vulnerable Targets More Rapidly; For Rooting To The Earth So You Deliver Shocking Attacks To The Ideal Targets Stopping The Perp In Their Tracks; Adds Years To Your Life And Look More Youthful

Bonus #3: Stick Fighting Drills ($59.00)

Learn These Introductory Stick Fighting (Modern Arnis, Filipino Stick Fighting) Drills And Watch Your Timing And Speed Take A Quantum Jump.

Bonus #4: Future Bonuses

As a Charter Member You Will Get FREE Access To Any Future Bonuses Or Additional Techniques Added To The MAB System

Bonus #5: Access To The Q&A Forum ($97.00 per year)

For A Limited Time I Will Grant New Charter Members Access To The Q&A Forum. In The Near Future There Will Be A Charge To Be Part Of This Exclusive Community To Get Questions Answered.

For thousands of years martial arts has been the discipline of choice throughout Asia. There is a reason for this. You become intimate with your mind, body, and spirit when you train yourself using ancient techniques that have been passed down for many generations.

As Sun Tsu, the great martial arts philosopher said… 

Victorious warriors win first then go to war, while defeated warriors go to war first then seek to win.

Sun Tzu
Ancient Philosopher & War Strategist

More than ever, terrorism being a huge threat to our well being in the USA and other parts of the world, it’s more important than ever in history to have a strategy in advance of being targeted…your life and your loved ones lives depend on it.

As Bruce Lee was famous for saying, that we need a “system that teaches us to adapt to ANY situation.” With this in mind, the program teaches you how take advantage of your strengths and weaknesses and the other persons strength and weaknesses, to become unique in the way you approach any confrontation or attack. Whether you weight 90 pounds or 300 it doesn’t matter.

Some techniques may appeal to you over others. Everyone learns at their own speed and I want to make the best techniques available to you from the start so you can develop your own style of fighting with the techniques that work best for your body type and mindset.

The goal is to show you how to develop excellent self defense skills from a broad spectrum of choices within a deep pool of self defense knowledge.

Each level is broken up into specific practices that make this one of the most thorough programs available anywhere. I hold nothing back like my teachers did until I was several years into the programs.

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

I believe when you start practicing the techniques and studying the material you will see that nothing is missing for you to develop the skills necessary to build your confidence and know exactly how to handle yourself. And you will do it without all the ego stuff from instructors that many student complain about, all in the comfort of your own home. But if you are for any reason unsatisfied and I am unable to make the changes necessary to fulfill that then I will issue you a complete refund. How's that for fair?

Even if you take lessons in your local area, what you will learn in the Martial Arts Basics program will put you at the head of the class. You will gain a depth of study unmatched by most programs.

How do I know this? Because when I had my school a few years back many student would call me that had moved and asked where they could find a school like mine. The answer was always “good luck” because I knew that tradition and reluctance were motivating the head instructors who didn’t want to give out their techniques to just anyone.

And in all fairness there is a mental advantage to disciplining yourself to hang tough and consistently show up for training.

Being an online program I will rely on you for the discipline and give you the techniques anyway.

It’s simple. If you train and do the techniques you will get good, if you don’t, then it’s only a concept in your mind and you may be surprised in a real situation. While this program “nails” it on many levels it’s not a magic pill to take to solve all your emotional concerns.

No matter what system you train in today you must train and practice to get it wired into you. Be assured though that in the Martial Arts Basics Program you will get the necessary training to easily “wire” it into your muscle memory as long as you do the practices.

I’ve studied with several of the best grandmasters who have been around for over 40 years teaching people. Teachers like

Grand Master Al Dacascos

Al Dascos on Black Belt Magazine Cover

Grand Master Al Dacascos Was My Direct Teacher for Over 9 Years. Many Of The Techniques In This Program Come Right Our Of The Wun Hop Kuen Do Kung Fu Program Because It Was So Powerful.

Grand Master Jim Harrison

Jim Harrison

Grand Master Jim Harrison Always Did His Seminars With A Real Knife

Grand Master Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

Grand Master Joe Lewis Knew Fighting Principles Better Than Any

Grand Master Canete

Cacoy Canete

Grand Master Canete Was My Favorite Stick Fighting Teacher

And there were many others I trained with including Grand Master Yong Ju Lee & Master Tzun Tzun From Tibet and others who are now deceased.

And masters of the internal arts like Gregory Fong, George Xu, Beverly Dagget, Lily Siou, Mantek Chia, and Ron Lew

Many of techniques in this program I didn’t learn until 5 to 10 years into my training that changed my effectiveness 10 fold. You will get them as they are released each month after you begin the program.

Lets look at more detail of what's included…

You’ll learn stances for foundation and leveraging the earth as a power base to attack with intense power and force. Without knowing how to use the earth to your advantage your technique will be hollow and will fail when you most need them.

These include the ancient practices I learned in chi kung. Rooting to the earth while delivering a devastating blow will enable even the lightest woman to deliver a terminal blow to the most drug induced creep.

Next you’ll learn proper punching & kicking. This is where you begin to learn to use your whole body as a weapon.

Then we will graduate your skills to kick combinations and hand combinations that will develop mind body coordination and agility. This is where your confidence begins to grow exponentially. Hand combinations that will destroy any weapon waved in your face when used correctly.

Advanced practitioners will recognize immediately that many of the hand techniques are derived from filipino stick fighting methods that have a reputation for speed and devastation afflicted to the target.

Knowing you have these skills helps you to remain calm and yet predictable when it comes time to destroy your opponent if needed.

Next, you will learn punch counters, and kick counters. For those who want to spar in tournaments you will also get offensive setup and defensive setups along with many of the secret fighting principles taught by the famous Bruce Lee, Al Dacascos, Chuck Norris, and Joe Lewis.

Over the years I accumulated these principles and laid them out for you systematically so you can learn the inner secrets behind smart fighting.

While many are meant for street fighting they are easily implemented and practiced in tournament fighting.

You will also gain access to grab counters, joint lock techniques, flow drills and footwork drills that make you agile and adaptable to any life or death situation.

If you are unable to adapt you will not survive with today’s breed of brutal thugs who could care less about your well being.

These flow drill are the secret to developing the body memory essential to respond at the right time with the right method when your life is on the line.

Kurt Goldsmith Testimonial

...One of the BEST instructors...across any subject...

"Ed is one of THE BEST instructors I have ever had, across any subject, any University or professional training."

Kurt Goldsmith, Portage, MI

This is just the beginning. As the site matures you will benefit because you are one of the founding members. I had the dream many years ago to build to program and now it’s a reality.

In appreciation for your commitment early on you will gain access to any future additions to the program as long as you remain a member.

Get instant access to Martial Arts Basics now!

Learn Self Defense In The Comfort Of Your Home...Without Waiting Months Or Years For The Best Techniques...At Your Pace

Martial Arts Basics Membership

"He Became A Catalyst For Positive Change For Me..."

"Ed led me through one of the toughest times in my life. He became a catalyst for positive change for me, encourage me to do better. He help me to remove my obstacles to genuine emotion. And while not everything's been easy for me since, it has all been better." 

Kelly Dodge, Portland, OR


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Are Their Belt Test Or Promotion Opportunities

What is I'm the 100 lb weakling that gets sand kicked in his face?

Why is it so inexpensive?

Will More Be Added To The Site?

The Martial Arts Basics Self Defense Training System

The Program for People Who Want Back Control Of Being Safe In The World...

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Everything You Get When You Register Today:

  • 1 Year Unlimited Membership To 260+ Training Videos
  • 24/7 Internet Access To Train At Your Right Time And Pace
  • In-Depth Access To Kicks, Blocks, Strikes, Stances, Hand Combinations, Kick Combinations, Punch Counters, Kick Counters, Grab Counters, Chin Na, Drop & Recovers, Offensive Set-ups, Defensive Set-ups, and Walk Exercises 
  • BONUS #1: 10 Bonus Footwork Drills That Will Take Your Agility And Muscle Memory To The Next Level (VALUE $34.95)
  • BONUS #2: Stick Fighting (Modern Arnis, Filipino Stick Fighting) Drills (VALUE $59.00)
  • BONUS #3: Chi Kung Practices To Improve Awareness - Slowing Down Perpetrator Movement So You Can Access Vulnerable Targets More Rapidly; For Rooting To The Earth So You Deliver Shocking Attacks To The Ideal Targets Stopping The Perp In Their Tracks; Adds Years To Your Life And Look More Youthful ((VALUE $59.00)
  • BONUS #4: As a Charter Member You Will Get FREE Access To Any Future Bonuses Or Additional Techniques Added To The MAB System
  • BONUS #5: For A Limited Time I Will Grant New Charter Members Access To The Q&A Forum. In The Near Future There Will Be A Charge To Be Part Of This Exclusive Community To Get Questions Answered. (VALUE $97 PER YEAR)

Regular Value: $599.95

Right Now Just One Payment Of $399 For Lifetime Access

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

I believe when you start practicing the techniques and studying the material you will see that nothing is missing for you to develop the skills necessary to build your confidence and know exactly how to handle yourself. And you will do it without all the ego stuff from instructors that many student complain about, all in the comfort of your own home. But if you are for any reason unsatisfied and I am unable to make the changes necessary to fulfill that then I will issue you a complete refund. How's that for fair?